What Is an Ideal Huddle Room?

Huddle rooms are forcing offices to rethink workspaces. Learn about about what a huddle room is and how to design one here.
Gustavo Salazar
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All across the country, we're seeing the happiness of office workers plummet in an almost violent fashion. With statistics like 20% of office employees planning to look for other jobs, where do we place the blame?

Part of the issue is our office workspaces. There is a solution, though. It's the huddle room.

We hear you asking that question. What is a huddle room?

We will answer that and more as we look at exactly what an ideal huddle room is.

The Essence of an Ideal Huddle Room

When we think of the spaces in corporate environments, there’s a certain sterile quality to the image. The furniture is all modern, styled in soulless cold metal. A conference room built in this way doesn’t scream flexibility or offer a welcoming warmth to new ideas.

We’re seeing the rise in popularity of flexible frameworks for businesses, and it only makes sense that the work environments catch up to these ideas. That’s where the huddle room comes into play. It’s the antidote to the business environs of old and a breath of fresh air into corporations.

The essence of a huddle room should be teamwork and collaboration. It should be a room that brings people together and helps them work as a team. Those are a few of the benefits of huddle rooms!

The Requirements of a Huddle Room

Huddle room design can accommodate almost any theme or idea you have in mind. That’s the whole point of it. Huddle rooms should reflect your style and values, not obey any prescribed notion of how a conference room should look.

There is a must-have, though. First up on the huddle room shopping list is a video and audio solution. Since there might be a lot of presentations and data to display, consider a quality option that can showcase everything you need.

There’s also potential for video conferencing in a hybrid workspace, especially with how flexible some businesses became in the pandemic.

What Makes a Huddle Room Great

I’m sure we’ve all worked in an office where there’s an inexplicably empty room used for nothing. Give that room some purpose. It’s perfect for the office huddle room!

Figuring out how to use the smaller spaces also means leaving the bigger ones for situations where they are more needed. There’s nothing worse than taking up a room full of chairs with only a handful of employees. It feels like a waste of space or you could find another use for the room.

That problem is gone when you have a huddle room as a small party can fit in perfectly. That even means you can have two meetings at once since you’ve got two conference rooms!

Another issue with using a larger conference room is the gulf between people. Somebody always gets left out because the room is too big, and there’s only so much attention that people can give. It can create a breakdown in communication.

That’s a problem of the past with a huddle room. You’ll have a far more intimate experience, where everybody can give their take. Not only will it help with team-building, but the quieter employees might also be able to share some pearls of wisdom.

Bring Your Huddle Room To Life

The first thing to address in your huddle room is the furniture. You can start by throwing out that catalog of bland furniture. It is a space for your employees to enjoy, a space for them to feel excited about being inside.

Let your employees make it about them. Let them go through a list of what they would like to see in the huddle room and the style of furniture they would like. There are only a few guidelines to stick to when furnishing the room.

All you need is a few tables and a chair. Some priority should be given to space economy since huddle rooms are small, but they can still be comfortable!

What else should you consider if you're building a huddle room for your employees?

Set the Mood With Lighting

Lighting can make or break the mood of a room, so it’s a factor you should consider when putting together a huddle room. You’re in luck if you’ve got a lot of windows in your huddle room since that means the sun will take care of everything.

Ensure you buy warmer lights if you don't have any natural lighting. Blue lights are harsh and cold and contribute to the exact opposite of what a huddle room should be. Your huddle room shouldn’t feel like a police interrogation room!

How To Pick the Best Display

Even if everybody has their device, you want a central point that everyone can focus on. Focus on looking for the perfect display for your huddle room. You could go for a standard monitor or TV for remote conferences, but there are far more exciting options.

If you're wondering which to pick, then read on. We've got you covered.

You Can Achieve the Ideal Huddle Room

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Consider the fact that the screen in your huddle room will be the focal point. It's the jewel of the room. You need to have something that will grab attention.

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