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Boundless Collaboration Platform

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Wireless Video Conferencing
Connect conferencing peripherals wirelessly in Teams, Zoom and other solutions with AeriCast Meet
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Wireless Presentation
No more HDMI cable, dongle and hassle! Presentation is made easy with AeriCast Wireless Presentation
Digital Signage
Turn any screens into signage displays and manage multiple devices in our central cloud platform

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Why AeriCast?

Total Compatibility

AeriCast is compatible with all major video conferencing devices and solutions, including Zoom, Webex Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and more. Enjoy the flexibility, and the elevated meeting experience with ease.

Several conferencing cameras, such as Logitech and Poly, and several solutions like Zoom, MS Teams are shown in  the image.
AeriCast wireless presentation is secured and allow fast switching to a different presenter.
AeriCast supports fast switch to a different presenter.
Secured AeriCast presentation connection.

Wireless Presentation is Easy and Secure

Mirror your screen wirelessly without the hassle of cables or adapters. Enjoy a more cohesive collaboration and meeting experience with a mix of local and remote presenters while knowing the content is always encrypted and secure.

Powerful Digital Signage Integrations

Do more with your screens! Display the room schedules, calendars, announcements, dashboard KPIs, weather, news and more through AeriCast's integration apps, and transform your screens into digital signage displays.

AeriCast supports various integrations through apps.
An intuitive drag-n-drop style layout editor

Intuitive Signage Layout Editor

AeriCast's drag-n-drop layout editor is easy and flexible. You can customize each text, playlist, image, video, integration app and other component's size, position and more with just a few clicks, and create a stunning signage display.

No Expensive Hardware Cost

AeriCast is hardware agnostic. Unlike other solutions requiring $2,500 or more for their proprietary hardware, you can bring your own devices and install AeriCast Receiver app, or get our cost-efficient devices to get started.

Contains Windows, Mac, Android, Amazon and Linux system icons
Manage screens, layouts, and user access in AeriCast admin page.

Manage Everything in One Spot

It's easy to manage tens or even hundreds of screens in AeriCast. Your admin team can deploy different apps/layouts, and manage different screens based on the desired security model all in one place.

Getting Started

Download AeriCast Receiver on your own device,
or get the easy-to-deploy device powered by AeriCast
Android device
AeriCast Android Player
Easy setup
Support WiFi connection
Support POE ethernet (additional adapter required)
Allow remote device support by AeriCast (coming)
mini pc device
AeriCast Pro Player
Windows 11 Pro
High speed Ethernet built-in
Support WiFi 2.4G/5G
Support AeriCast Meet
multiple devices
Bring Your Own Device
$0 hardware cost
Experience AeriCast immediately
Choose device supported by your IT

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Digital Signage Use Cases

Keep Meetings on Time

Display the upcoming meetings based on the room or personal calendar's schedule to help managing meetings more efficiently. Users can also book the room directly by scanning the QR code.
Modern meeting room with a slick screen display

Build the Team Spirit

Showcase the teams'  moments, celebrate the team member's birthday, highlight the success stories and boost the organization's social media interactions.
Modern meeting room with a slick screen display

Highlight the Moments

Showcase the students'  moments, play the sport teams' highlights and boost the spirit.
School basketball team's picture and a trophy displayed in a screen with school hallway in the background.

Interactive Bulletin Board

This is not the regular everyday bulleting board. Add a QR code and interactive with the students for gathering survey results, signing up events, and more.
Beautiful bulleting board displayed in a screen with happy students in the background.

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