5 Reasons to Upgrade to Wireless Presentation that Works!

Upgrade to the modern wireless presentation solution that works in your workspace and classroom. Improve the meeting productivity, engagement, and turn screens into digital signage displays when they are not being used for presentation.
Gustavo Salazar
6 mins

Have you had issues connecting your device to a conference room screen with a traditional screen-sharing solution or the old fashion HDMI/VGA cable? We’ve all been there. There is nothing worse than not being able to share your screen at a meeting and having to deal with cables, devices, and outdated systems that don't make your life easy, on the contrary, that only creates issues that can impact productivity, and stress you right before hosting the meeting. 

Especially after COVID-19, with a lot of companies welcoming back employees to their offices, now is a great time to think about ways to boost the teams’ collaboration and engagement by leveraging modern conference room solutions that can be cheaper and easier to deploy than you think. 

Luckily wireless presentation systems are here to stay. With a wireless presentation system, users can cast content from their device onto a larger display, the same way an old fashion presentation system would work, but wirelessly. This offers many benefits that you may not be aware of, so we’ve written a list of our top reasons to upgrade to a wireless presentation solution that works.

Reason 1: no more cables - share content wirelessly any way you want

Picture a meeting room surrounded by dongles and tangled cables strewn across the table or what's worse, finally finding the cable you need to cast but it isn't long enough and you have to switch places or do a balancing act with your laptop just to share your screen. Not a pleasant sight, right? It’s hard for employees to become engaged in meetings where there is an unaesthetic environment filled with distractions.

With AeriCast, you no longer have to worry about messy, tangled cables and what plugs into where or if the system is even compatible with your device as many laptops don’t even come with a HDMI port anymore. Even worse, modern laptops, including Apple MacBook, require additional adapters to connect a HDMI cable, and the adapters are usually the last thing you would remember to bring to the meetings. 

To top it off HDMI cables are messy and not convenient when having to switch to different presenters. To do meetings the right way, you need to be able to switch between different presenters seamlessly. 

AeriCast solution for wireless presentation is compatible with all devices, including Windows/Mac/Linux laptops and iOS/Android devices, and can cast content wirelessly in just a couple seconds. No more time wasted!  

Reason 2: collaboration is key - easy user experience for both hybrid and face-to-face meetings:

AeriCast brings people together, no matter where they are. The experience for all users is simple, unified, and wireless. As many organizations have embraced hybrid work schedules there's an urgent need to deploy a wireless presentation solution that allows the remote employees to present their laptop content to screen(s) in the conference room on-site to allow greater collaboration. 

AeriCast wireless presentation solution ensures all your meetings are accessible and interactive, allowing everyone to come together, comment, and give feedback on the content which is being presented.  

Reason 3: get your conference rooms ready for Zoom or Microsoft Teams video conferencing 

Video conferencing has significantly improved collaboration among people working from different locations. With AeriCast devices, you can join Zoom and MS Teams meetings and display meeting attendees and the shared screen on the conference room screen for an easier video conferencing meeting experience.  

Reason 4: make your meetings more productive - Ditch presentation systems that aren't designed for professional spaces

To name a few, AirPlay, MiraCast and ChromeCast are not designed for professional spaces and they don’t provide consistent user experience between Mac and Windows users if ever work. AeriCast provides a consistent and seamless user experience for people using different devices without the need for admin or IT support to keep things working as expected.  

But more importantly, AeriCast conference room solution means no more wasted resource effort or costs on supporting users with different devices to present in the conference rooms. 

AeriCast’s wireless presentation is easy-to-use and offers a consistent experience for people with different devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.  

Reason 5: Extra benefits - Take advantage of the additional signage features

Why not maximize the value of your existing screen investment and theme them into signage display and a marketing channel to increase the employee’s engagement and the communication effectiveness? For example, so you can take advantage of your existing screens to:

  • Promote safety policy via the PDF document or PowerPoint integration to reduce the work accidents
  • Display the employee’s image to promote the best employee this month for greater employee recognition and appreciation
  • Display the group activities, or event images and videos to promote the company events and boost the engagement
  • Drive focus and motivation by showing the KPI dashboard via the PowerBI integration. 
With AeriCast, you will be able to turn your screens into digital signs when meetings or conference rooms are not in use to display calendars, meeting room schedules, internal communication, KPI reports, videos, and more to maximize the value of your investment. 


In short, there are many reasons to consider when choosing a wireless presentation solution for your business. AeriCast is cost-effective and adaptable to suit your overall business goals, providing quick and easy ways to share content and encouraging an interactive, flexible, and collaborative work environment.

AeriCast stands out above the rest thanks to its unique set of features and powerful digital signage platform. Unlike other solutions that require proprietary hardware that may cost up to $2,500 upfront, doesn’t require expensive hardware, and offers flexible pricing plans to meet your budget and needs. 

Ready to go wireless? 

You only need a $40 Amazon FireTV Stick 4K to get started. Simply plug in the device to your screen’s HDMI input and download AeriCast Receiver to get started. There's no need for professional installation service.  Got a minute? Learn more from AeriCast in this video.

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