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Traditional HDMI & VGA Don't Fit Anymore

Traditional HDMI and VGA cables are outdated for your modern offices and classrooms. Not only are the wires messy, they simply cannot keep up with the modern collaboration's needs. Wireless HDMI technologies has been in the market for almost a decade now, but is growing abruptly since 2021 due to the trending hybrid working schedule offered by many organizations, so it is critical for you to make sure your offices and classrooms are ready for the new world.

Here are the important information and considerations for choosing a right solution that can improve the engagement in your offices and classrooms.

AeriCast is the most affordable and extensible Wireless Presentation solution with built-in Digital Signage platform.

Why Use Wireless HDMI Solution?

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No clutter & no hassle
Your office space is sleek, but having wires hanging in the conference rooms is not. Hosting a meeting can be stressful already and no one likes the hassle of finding the right cable to plug in or making sure the HDMI adapter is handy since many modern laptops, including Mac, don't have HDMI port anymore.
More flexible for different presentation scenarios
Some wireless presentation solutions, including AeriCast, allows the presenter to cast the content to multiple screens simultaneously for the space with more audiences like a conference event, and allow multiple presenters to cast different contents to the same screen simultaneously for a side-by-side view.
Expand the collaboration to the huddle rooms, break rooms, and more
Don't let the traditional conference room limit your team's creativity. Create a more inspiring and relaxing environment where people can brainstorm and discuss using the screen more freely without being chained by the HDMI cable.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wireless HDMI/Presentation Solution

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What devices are supported?
People may present from their laptops, tablets and even phones nowadays. For exampling, teachers may present from their iPads for greater classroom interactions and engagement, instead of being tied to the laptops at the desk. It is also very important to know if the solution is easy to use and offers a consistent user experience across different devices to eliminate the support complexity and user confusion. With AeriCast, you simply go to the https://present.aericast.com and input the 4 digit present code to start your presentation immediately.
Will you have hybrid meetings?
Many organizations offer hybrid working schedule and, oftentimes, host meeting onsite with people joining remotely. Allowing the remote attendees to present their content to the onsite screen in the conference room easily and securely can hugely improve the hybrid collaboration experience. While some Wireless HDMI solutions require the presenters to be in the same local network, AeriCast allows people from anywhere in the world to present on the onsite screen as long as the 4 digit presenter code is provided, and the content is always encrypted and secure.
Why not MiraCast, ChromeCast or AirPlay?
These solutions are targeted to the consumer users, not the professional spaces. These solutions oftentimes add more unnecessary complexity to the IT support team, and frustrate the users due to the inconsistent user experience when using the devices with different platforms.
AeriCast is easy-to-use and supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android devices and more with the consistent user experience.

Wireless HDMI/Presentation Pricing

There are various wireless HDMI/presentation solutions available in the market. While each may offer different features, the cost also vary greatly as well. Here is a quick summary of each product category:

  • AeriCast
    • Hardware cost: $29.99+
    • Monthly subscription cost: $0 - $26.99
    • Highlights
      • Minimum upfront cost + free forever plan
      • Built-in powerful digital signage platform ( $17.99+ per device per month)
      • Built-in cloud device management platform (free)
      • Supports hybrid meeting presentation
  • Other Wireless Presentation Solutions
    • Hardware cost: $500 - $2,500+
    • Monthly subscription cost: $0 - $$$
    • Highlights
      • Supports various consumer grade protocols, such as AirPlay and MiraCast
      • Potential digital signage features ($10 - $39 per device per month)
      • Optional cloud device management platform ($12 - $29 per device per month)
      • Many solutions don't have built-in digital signage and/or device management system, and must rely on their partners' integrations with separate subscription fees.
  • Wireless HDMI Transmitter Products
    • Hardware cost: $150+
    • Subscription cost: n/a
    • Highlights
      • Usually require USB or HDMI dongle
      • No digital signage integration
      • No cloud device management


Both the industrial and educational organizations are working on revolutionizing their office spaces and classrooms since 2021 to make sure they are ready for the people and students coming back to the offices and schools. We have helped small and medium businesses, coworking spaces, training centers and colleges reinvent their environments and boost their members' engagement, efficiency, and revenue. It is a great time to rethink about your conference room, classrooms and other spaces, and maximize the value of your existing investment - the display screens, or consider these when designing your new spaces.

No Expensive Hardware Required

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You can run AeriCast Receiver on your existing Smart TV, Android, PC, Mac, and Linux device. Or simply get our AeriCast Android Player device to speed up your deployment.

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