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Start your presentation without the cable, dongle and hassle. AeriCast is the simple but powerful conference room solution that you have been looking for, and supports your favorite video conferencing software - Zoom & MS Teams.

People meeting in the conference room

Why not the Traditional Presentation Solutions?

Too Many Wires
You working space is sleek, but having HDMI or VGA wires hanging in conference rooms is not.
Too Many Adapters
Nothing worse than wanting to present and not having the right adapter for the HDMI, VGA or USB connector.
Too Expensive
Traditional screen sharing products can cost $2,500+ upfront just for the hardware.

How can AeriCast Help?

Simple & Collaborative

Wireless presentation is easy with AeriCast
No more cables and adapters. Simply go to and input the 4 digit code to start sharing your screen wirelessly.
More collaborative and engaging
No need to pass the cable or adjust the settings when someone else needs to present in the meeting. AeriCast supports multiple presenters and presenting to multiple screens simultaneously.
Support all devices
AeriCast supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices, which means everyone can present from whatever device preferred.
People having a meeting in the conference room
A man working remotely presents his laptop to the screen in the physical conference room

Hybrid Meetings

All data is encrypted end to end following the industry security standards whether present onsite or from a remote location.
Present locally or remotely
Both the local and remote team members can present to the screen(s) in the office for a cohesive hybrid meeting experience.
Support video conferencing software
Join Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings from your AeriCast device, and leverage your existing conference room equipment.

Turn Any Screens into Signage Displays

AeriCast solution includes an advanced Digital Signage platform with 20+ integration apps. Create custom signage contents using our drag-and-drop layout designer to display the team events' videos/images, announcements, meeting room agenda, or KPI dashboards on screens when they are not being used for presentation. Learn more in the Integrations page.

Modern meeting room with a slick screen display

Keep Meetings on Time

Display the upcoming meetings based on the room or personal calendar's schedule to help managing meetings more efficiently. Users can also book the room directly by scanning the QR code.

Modern meeting room with a slick screen display

Build the Team Spirit

Showcase the teams'  moments, celebrate the team member's birthday, highlight the success stories and boost the organization's social media interactions.

Modern meeting room with a slick screen display

Keep Things Tracked

Display the real-time project timeline, sales metrics, and the organization's strategies to keep the team focused on getting things tracked.

Revolutionize Your Office Spaces

Simple & productive meeting rooms

Enable the wireless presentation for all types of devices in an easy and consistent way. AeriCast Conference Room solution helps keep the team focus on the meeting, instead of the madness.
Modern conference room with slick screen display

Collaboration happens anywhere

Break down the barriers and turn the break rooms into the spaces where the teams can bond, relax and collaborate.
Modern break room with a slick screen display.

Embrace the modern huddle spaces

Create comfortable and casual spaces in your office environment and boost the team's creativities.
People having meeting in a open space

No Expensive Hardware Required

FireTV Stick
AeriCast is Hardware Agnostic

You can run AeriCast Receiver on your existing Smart TV, Android, PC, Mac, and Linux device. Or simply get a Amazon FireTV Stick 4K for just $40, and get started in 3 simple steps.

AeriCast is Easy and Affordable
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