How Wireless Presentation & Branding Signage Help Co-Working Spaces Improve Profitability and Member Experience

Co-working spaces need a wireless presentation solution because having a sleek, easy-to-use wireless presentation solution is a selling point for new members and improves the experience of existing members.
Gustavo Salazar
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Co-working spaces need a wireless presentation solution because having a sleek, easy-to-use wireless presentation solution is a selling point for new members and improves the experience of existing members. A great example of this is the co-working WeWork, which already installed wireless presentations in most of its locations.

There is an increased demand for workplace flexibility combined with a desire to combat the isolation from Covid lockdown has led to a boom in co-working interest. Flexible meeting spaces and conference rooms are becoming a hot ticket item within co-working spaces, as members need a place to gather and discuss important business matters. Screen sharing is a vital component of those meetings, allowing different members to share and present their computer screens via a monitor within the conference room at will. In this digital age, a simple and effective screen-sharing solution is essential for co-working spaces.

Why not use traditional screen-sharing solutions?

Too many wires: Your co-working environment is sleek but having wires hanging in meeting rooms is not.

Too many adapters:
Nothing worse than wanting to present and not having the right adapter.

Too expensive: Traditional screen sharing platforms can cost $2500+ upfront.             

AeriCast resolves all three pain points

AeriCast is a wireless solution that allows anyone in the room to easily share their screen at a better price point than existing platforms.

Plus, there is no compromise on functionality versus other solutions; in fact, AeriCast offers additional features and integrations that the competition doesn’t!

 Overview of AeriCast

- Platform Agnostic. Turn any screen into a wireless presentation receiver. No expensive props.

- No Software Installation. No app installation is needed on your Windows, Mac, or Linux laptops to present wirelessly. 

- Digital Signage. Display room schedules, PowerBI dashboards, videos, and more through our powerful signage integrations.

- Flexible and Competitive Pricing. Month-to-month or annual subscription service.

All you need is a device like this $49.99 FireStick 4K.

Learn how to set up and use AeriCast

Step 1: Download the Receiver app

Go to the download page and download the AeriCast Receiver app based on your type of device connected to the screen.

Step 2: Pair the device

Login to, select Device in the left menu and click on the + Add Device button. Input the device code displayed in the Receiver app on the screen and provide the basic info to complete the pairing process.

Step 3: Present your content

From your PC/Mac, go to in your browser and simply type the code displayed on the screen to cast your content to the screen.

AeriCast is also compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android tablets & phones.

Turn your screens into Digital Signs when the conference room is not in use

Display calendar, meeting room schedule, internal communication, KPI reports, videos, and more when the screen is not being presented.

All digital signage contents are managed in one place and distributed remotely in real-time.

AeriCast in a Meeting Room showing a KPI Dashboard

When you stop presenting your screen, you can click the "Stop" or "Exit" button and it will revert to playing Digital Signage content.

What the industry leader is doing (and how it can be improved)

As you likely already know, WeWork is the biggest name in the co-working space industry. However, even their conference room solution leaves something to be desired in comparison to AeriCast on a number of levels.

So, a co-working space owner/manager could purchase Amazon FireStick and AeriCast Lite full-year subscriptions for 6 screens while spending less money than purchasing a single device and single-year subscription for the competitor's cheapest option.

Laptops function as both professional and personal devices for today’s co-working space members, and no one likes being required to install programs on their laptop for one-time or infrequent use of an application.

WeWork members have to install the additional software on their laptops, which is annoying for a number of reasons. Installing work apps on personal computers is off-putting for members and visitors to the space. Also, non-members paying for meeting space for a one-time event want a turnkey solution, not one that adds inconvenience to their already limited time with the room.

Join AeriCast to attract new members and improve the experience of existing members while being cost efficient

AeriCast is a simple solution that co-working space members and visitors are looking for. No installation is required on your laptop to present, compatible with iPad, and tablets making it easy for users to do what they came for without any unnecessary and unwanted hassle.

Get started today. 

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