Why organizations chose AeriCast over Airtame?

Ease of use, no to low upfront cost, hardware agnostic, native signage features are just some few key reasons

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Hardware Agnostic
Proprietary Hardware
Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Amazon logos
Hardware price
per device (Amazon Fire Stick)
per device
Wireless Presentation:
Central device management
No s/w installation required on PC/Mac/Linux
AirTame app is required  to present
Support remote presenter
Multi-screen presentation
Digital Signage:
3rd party platform integrations
Document display(slides)
Custom image/video overlay
Custom layout editor
MS/Google Calendar app
Limited layout
Social Media app
AeriCast is Easy and Affordable
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Create Stunning Displays with Templates in Layout Editor

Create your custom display layouts by using the available templates or completely customize the design in the Layout Editor.
Supports custom image/video overlay, playlist, MS/Google calendar view, website, YouTube, weather, news, and more. Learn more
3rd party integration screenshot

Intuitive Scheduling and Content Management

We wanted to make sure that you’re in complete control over your screens’ content, we made a scheduling feature that works similar to your calendar. Although other digital signage companies have their own scheduling feature, ours is more intuitive. With AeriCast, you have complete control over what you want to show on your screens this week, next week or even the next few months.
AeriCast platlist screenshot

Budget Friendly & Transparent Pricing Plans

No expensive upfront proprietary hardware cost! Use your existing hardware or grab a budget friendly device and get started with AeriCast's Free forever plan. You can optionally upgrade to enable the Digital Signage features and the third party platform integrations to transform your screens into digital signage displays and maximize your investment.
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