Top 5 Digital Signage Use Cases in the Coworking Spaces

Learn what you can do with the digital signage in your coworking space from our top 5 real world use cases.
Gustavo Salazar
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Coworking spaces have become trendy, especially after COVID-19.  Modern coworking spaces or collaborative spaces offer more than just temporary work areas, they attract different types of members and visitors who are looking to enjoy maximum flexibility while still deriving all the benefits of a modern, professional business setting. Many coworking spaces have adopted the digital signage solutions and use the screens to promote the business, events, member engagement, and take advantage of the remote signage content management feature to reduce the staff's time and effort with this more effective communication channel.

Do you know you can use a wireless presentation solution that doubles as digital signage to take advantage of your existing conference rooms and huddle rooms' screens while they are not being used for presentation?

If you are interested in implementing digital signage in your coworking spaces,  consider our top 5 digital signage use cases collected from the real clients:

  1. Display welcome messages and WIFI connection instructions:

This is one of the most common cases used by our coworking space clients. With the right message, digital signs can create a welcoming atmosphere for coworking members or guests. Screens can be set up to automatically display WiFI connection instructions or even password updates to help the flex office guests to connect to the wifi network without having to ask the personal or the receptionist for the WIFI details. With this simple but powerful step you will stop writing the wifi password on the whiteboard or on a piece of paper on the wall, that can be easily ignored or accidently wiped. Displaying the instructions on the meeting room screen is not only easy but it looks professional and also saves time between your admin staff and members or new visitors.

  1. Promote upcoming events to increase the booking and revenue:

With digital signage there is no need to knock on each office’s door and tell them about the coming events, such as the happy hour, networking event, entrepreneurial get-together, seminars, concerts, and more. It’s a proven fact that text, images, and videos have a major impact on people’s buying decisions. Digital signage offers a simple way to display important information, images and videos that not only engage members and visitors, but will attract and invite them without all the hassle. These displays can also deliver notifications, schedule changes, seminar keynotes and more. Promoting upcoming events becomes a lot simpler if timetables, notices, and other pertinent information is readily available on digital signs.

One of the best benefits of digital signage is that it helps promoting products/services and easily get your message conveyed to your targeted customers, which helps boost sales, upsell and revenue. 

  1. Display your office’s pictures and videos to provide a virtual tour for your visitors

A welcome signage in reception areas enhances clients’ and members experience when they visit your coworking space. Having screens in the lobby or next to the front windows helps catching visitors attention and attracts them. Displaying the virtual tour video, member benefits and highlight the space with images on the screens in the reception area or next to the front windows is a proven approach to attract and engage with the office visitors to promote your coworking spaces' community and business

Digital signage also entertains members and visitors as they wait for the receptionist to talk with another guest or finish up a call and it can be used to display slides with calming imagery, client testimonials or a powerful presentation while people are waiting in the lobby. 

  1. Show off your social engagements by displaying your Google Review, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos:

Social engagement is one of the key approaches for your potential members to learn about your space from others, as there is nothing more powerful than word of mouth. Reassure your visitors and members’ choice by displaying your best google reviews and take advantage of the photos you already post on Instagram and let the visitors and members learn about the community atmosphere, and how fun it is to work in your space. Moreover, most coworking members already use social media, and you can encourage them to share images and other content on your social media channels, such as Instagram and Twitter, and display them on digital screens.

  1. Promote the content created by your members or their achievements 

A powerful approach to connect with your members is to celebrate their achievements and wins by highlighting their services, new product launches, awards, and more and inspire other members and visitors. You can also share the podcast or YouTube channels and videos created by your members, or simply introduce a new member with a brief profile with photos or videos to create a more engaging community.

Anything is possible with digital displays, you just got to be creative and know your target to create adhoc content that will engage and inspire them.

AeriCast’s intuitive drag-and-drop content editor is the key to save you time, money and effort when creating your digital signage content and our central content management is a must-have to efficiently manage the signage content across all devices in different locations, making it easier than ever to upload information or update it from anywhere at anytime. 


Coworking spaces are not just for work, as people get connected and inspired in vibrant shared areas. Digital signs can enhance the way people interact with the culture, equipment, and community spirit in your coworking space, and with the right wireless presentation and digital signage solution, like AeriCast, conference rooms and lobbies can create a world-class experience for members and visitors. When choosing a wireless solution and digital signage solution, checking the integration capabilities is key to ensure it supports the platforms you need, such as Google Review, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, so you can display the content you need without a problem. 

Turn your existing screens into digital signage displays and get ahead of the competition to create a strong coworking member community and boost the business.

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