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Are you tired of struggling with starting a presentation in meeting rooms? Can’t find the correct cord or dongles to connect your device to start your presentation?
Gustavo Salazar
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AeriCast is a wireless presentation solution that allows you to turn any room with a screen or TV into a meeting room and to start a presentation from your laptop in seconds without connecting any cord to the conference room screen or TV. 

With AeriCast you can create modern workspaces for hybrid teams and make your meetings more collaborative by using wireless presentation to bring your team together on projects. Our wireless presentation solution makes it easy to connect from any laptop and share information without the hassle of cables, allowing remote employees to collaborate on meetings wherever they are and easily switch presenters on the fly. And when your screens are not in video conference mode you can turn them into digital signs, sharing KPI dashboards, messages, schedules, relevant news, and anything you can ever imagine. 

AeriCast is your all in one solution: wireless presentation and digital signage made easy:

  • Connect to a TV o screen wirelessly without cables.
  • Use any laptop, Mac or Windows.
  • Switch presenter easily.
  • Make video conferencing secure and reliable.
  • Book rooms with touch screen & QR Code.
  • Team. Group, Folder security.
  • Bring your screens to life. When your screens are not in use turn them into digital signs, with your own content or with the help of our growing list of APP integrations to share weather, traffic maps, world clock, or promote your business with social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Google reviews, etc.

We offer free account subscriptions and monthly or yearly plans with simple and transparent pricing, so you can choose how much you pay based on your needs or the needs of your company here.  

Set up AeriCast in a few easy steps and start your presentation right away: 

1. Download our AeriCast APP on your TV or device here. We support Windows, Android TV, Fire TV, RaspberryPi, Linux, and more devices. And get your 4 digit presenter code. 

2. Go to our AeriCast Screen Share APP and add your 4-digit presenter code from your TV device.

3. Then you select what you want to share, your entire screen or an APP to present. And that's it! you're all set up for your presentation in seconds, without hassle or the use of cables!

In AeriCast, we believe technology should support meetings and provide a better, reliable, and seamless presentation experience from any device, making smarter team collaboration happen.

Get started for free here and experience AeriCast today.

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