Wireless HDMI System vs Wireless Presentation Solution

Ever got confused about the differences between a Wireless HDMI Kit and Wireless Presentation Solution or need help picking the one meets your needs the best? Check out the applications best for each system and their pros and cons we summarized for you.
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There is a growing need for wireless connectivity, including video & audio, and making it possible to connect source devices wirelessly to a screen is convenient for home and office, from entertainment system to professional business setup. But what wireless connectivity solution is good for you? We will break down Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Wireless Presentation Solution details so you can choose what is best for your needs.

Wireless HDMI System

Wireless HDMI systems consist of a radio based receiver and transmitter that streams audio and video wirelessly from a media source, like a laptop or media player, to the transmitter connected to the TV. Both the transmitter and receiver require the power input and HDMI cables connecting to the media source and TV accordingly, but it helps remove the need of the HDMI cable between the TV and media source, which can sometimes be inconvenient or impossible due to the limitations in the space. The wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver are usually plug-and-play and fairly straightforward to set up. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the wireless HDMI system:

  • ✅ May support higher resolution and faster frame rate than Wireless Presentation Solution
  • ✅ Does not require connection to your existing LAN/Wifi network
  • ✅ Easy to set up
  • ❌ It can be inconvenient to pass the device in a meeting where multiple people need to present 
  • ❌ Doesn’t support the hybrid meeting situation and is limited to 30-90 feet between transmitter and receiver
  • ❌ Requires additional adapter for mobile or tablet devices

The best applications for Wireless HDMI Kit are to connect a blue-ray player, set-top box, gaming console or PC to a projector or TV in the home theater or living room setup..

Wireless Presentation Solution

A Wireless Presentation Solution allows you to turn any room with a screen or TV into a collaboration space and start a presentation from your laptop or mobile device in seconds without the need of a HDMI or VGA cable. Unlike the Wireless HDMI kit, Wireless Presentation Solution usually requires a LAN/Wifi connection and uses the modern streaming protocols supported by the various devices and platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Wireless Presentation Solution is designed to allow different people to connect as needed for screen sharing in the meeting, and may sometimes require the users to plug in a USB dongle or install an application on their laptops. Let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages of the Wireless Presentation Solution:

  • ✅ Allows people with different devices to easily start casting their screen to the conference room display 
  • ✅ Some solutions, including AeriCast, offers central management platform for an easier administration and management if you have multiple devices
  • ✅ Some solutions, including AeriCast, supports digital signage features to display promotions, internal communication, KPI dashboards, social media engagement and more when the screens are not being used for presentation
  • ❌ Requires LAN/Wifi connection
  • ❌ Some solutions can be expensive, and the upfront hardware may cost $600 - $1,500 for each screen  (Do you know you can run AeriCast on a $40 Amazon Fire TV Stick device? Getting your Wireless Presentation setup can be easier and cheaper than you think.)
  • ❌ Most of the solutions require the presentation solution device and the user laptops to be in the same LAN network in order to connect
Unlike other solutions, AeriCast doesn’t require the devices to be in the same LAN network, and supports hybrid presentations where remote meeting participants can present on the local screen from their laptops remotely, making meetings more collaborative.

Wireless Presentation Solution is best for: 

  • Conference room: Wireless Presentation Solution helps create a modern workspace and makes meetings more collaborative by eliminating the hassle of the cables, and may even support hybrid meetings for remote participants present wirelessly. 
  • Huddle room and break room: Wireless Presentation Solution enables an easier collaboration in the huddle and break room and allows the team to work together in a more casual and relaxed environment for greater creativity. 
  • Classroom: Wireless Presentation Solution can free teachers from their desks, and encourages classroom’s engagement and interactivities. It can also help with hybrid learning, as it can let remote students present to the screen(s) in the classroom for a cohesive hybrid learning experience.
  • Sales office: it can be so much more convenient for the sales people to demo and present in front of the clients using a Wireless Presentation Solution or having the clients present from their laptops or mobile devices, and take advantage of the digital signage features to promote the business. It’s an ideal solution for the designer studios, real estate sales office, furniture stores, accounting firms, law firms and more.

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