How to Make Use of the Benefits of Technology in a Modern Workplace

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the modern workspace was beginning a period of transformation. Thanks to new technologies and a changing workforce, the modern workplace was starting to look much different.
Gustavo Salazar
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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the modern workspace was beginning a period of transformation. Thanks to new technologies and a changing workforce, the modern workplace was starting to look much different. Technology is changing how we meet, how we collaborate, and how we share information. Whether we are gathering employees to work on a project, trying to raise employee engagement, creating a safer workplace, or building community, screens play an important role in today's modern workplace.

Modern Workplace Meetings

Conference rooms with whiteboards and oversized sticky notes are being replaced with flexible spaces with large displays and projectors. Today's meetings may find team members in the room while others join via video. The earliest versions of video-based conference rooms saw displays hooked to in-room computers. That meant presenters needed to rely on transferring files via a thumb drive. Now, today's employees are beginning to expect the option of casting content to screens.

Modern presentation solutions allow team members to wirelessly share PowerPoint presentations, videos, images, and other content. Because of this, connections must be simple and not limited to a specific type of device. In the modern workspace, multiple team members may wish to share content during the meeting wirelessly and make this experience seamless.

Increasing Employee Engagement in the Modern Workplace

Employee engagement is a hot topic for employers. This is because research shows that higher rates of engagement lead to increased productivity, improved customer service, and lower turnover rates. Fortunately, using screens turned into digital signage along with some of the latest software can significantly improve employee engagement. Employees feel more engaged when they feel connected to the organization's mission, its customers, and performance.

In the modern workspace, leaders can use signage to make these connections and increase engagement. For example, screens can be used to share live metrics and dashboards, stock performance, company news, social media feeds, inspirational messages, and employee achievements. With signage located throughout the workplace, employees will be immersed in this interactive content and feel more connected to the organization and their fellow employees.

Improve the Aesthetic of the Modern Workspace

You may not realize how much the look and feel of a workplace impacts the work of existing employees and the potential of bringing in the best talent. If you want your employees to see your company as modern and innovative, the look and feel of your lobby, hallways, conference rooms, and offices are critical. If these spaces are filled with outdated posting and pictures, it will send the wrong message. Modern displays are beautiful and modern even when they are off. With the right choice of well-designed content, any workspace can be transformed into a modern-looking workspace.

Keeping the Modern Workplace Safe and Healthy

Whether a workplace has safety protocols to deal with hazardous activities, needs employees to understand how to deal with emergencies, or wants to keep people healthy through proper sanitary practices, and can be essential. Whether managers use the wireless connection to show videos, training PowerPoints or reminders, these can be shared continually throughout the workplace, making sure to keep health and safety in the top of mind.

With modern signage tools, employers can deliver the right message, in the right place, at the right time. This may include displaying safety reminders on a screen near where potential issues are likely to occur. It may also mean rotating messages throughout the workplace to catch team members' attention. Modern workspace signage solutions give management nearly unlimited options to ensure the right message is getting out. 

Building Community in the Modern Workspace

Connecting employees and building a sense of community improves morale and even helps with the issue of engagement mentioned earlier. However, in the modern workplace, community building may not be as organic as in years past. With more employees moving in and out of the office and the focus on computer-based collaboration tools, the lunchroom and water cooler do not have the same power they used to.

Fortunately, sharing the right content to your screens can also help build this sense of community. It can be as simple as sharing birthday and work anniversaries. But, it could even go deeper. For example, some organizations use signage to share spotlights featuring different employees throughout the organization. These could be text-based with quotes and information. They can even be video vignettes that allow people to get to know more about the featured employee.

Promoting and Encouraging Wellness

One of the priorities in modern workplaces is the general health and wellbeing of employees. Healthy employees are more productive, take fewer sick days, and keep the overall health insurance costs lower. Many HR departments and health insurance companies provide guidance and incentives to encourage proper nutrition, exercise, and other healthy habits.

Messages on displays throughout the workplace can help inform, encourage, and reinforce these habits and connect employees to tools to help them stay on track. It could be telling employees about healthy snacks in the break room, showing the current health challenge results, or letting people know about new incentives for exercise or other healthy habits. With the right digital signage platform, these messages can be scheduled to be on the right screen at the right moment to achieve maximum impact. For instance, healthy eating reminders may work the best rest before lunch.

The Right Solution for the Modern Office

The possibilities of using technology to modernize a workspace are only limited by your creativity. However, it all starts with the right partner and the right platform. AeriCast is designed for workplaces and includes all the features you need to get the most out of every display. Whether you are creating a new display solution or looking to upgrade the performance of existing displays, AeriCast can help. From improving communication and collaboration, to sharing video content wirelessly and communicating with employees to increase engagement, improving health and safety, building community, and even improving the look and feel of your office, AeriCast is ready to help you take the next step.

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