Try Wireless Presentation Now displayed in a laptop.

Follow the steps below and experience AeriCast wireless presentation with the simulated screen before installing AeriCast Receiver on your devices.

  • Step 1: open
  • Step 2: input the 4-digit code displayed in the screen below
  • Step 3: click Present and select the desired content to share

Simulated Screen

Oops...This simulated screen doesn't work on mobile devices.
Note: this is a simulated screen running the AeriCast Receiver app. To enable the AeriCast features on your screens, please download AeriCast Receiver on your smart TVs or the devices connected to the screens.

Isn't That Easy!

happy man and woman

Enable Wireless Presentation to Your Screens is Easy Too!

AeriCast supports Windows, Mac, Android, Amazon and Linux platforms. You can simply download AeriCast Receiver on your device and start enjoying the seamless wireless presentation experience on your screens!

Get AeriCast on Your Screens

Enable the wireless presentation to your screens in minutes
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