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Why AeriCast?

AeriCast wireless presentation is secured and allow fast switching to a different presenter.
AeriCast supports fast switch to a different presenter.
Secured AeriCast presentation connection.

Wireless Presentation is Easy and Secure

Mirror your screen wirelessly without the hassle of cables or adapters. Enjoy a more cohesive collaboration and meeting experience with a mix of local and remote presenters while knowing the content is always encrypted and secure. AeriCast also supports your favorite  video conferencing solutions - Zoom & MS Teams.

Powerful Digital Signage Integrations

Do more with your screens! Display the room schedules, calendars, announcements, dashboard KPIs, weather, news and more through AeriCast's integration apps, and transform your screens into digital signage displays.

AeriCast supports various integrations through apps.
An intuitive drag-n-drop style layout editor

Intuitive Signage Layout Editor

AeriCast's drag-n-drop layout editor is easy and flexible. You can customize each text, playlist, image, video, integration app and other component's size, position and more with just a few clicks, and create a stunning signage display.

No Expensive Hardware Costs

AeriCast is hardware agnostic. So instead of paying $2,500 or more for the proprietary hardware from other solutions, you can get started with a $40 Amazon FireTV Stick 4K device and download the free AeriCast Receiver app from the Amazon App Store directly.

Contains Windows, Mac, Android, Amazon and Linux system icons
Manage screens, layouts, and user access in AeriCast admin page.

Manage Everything in One Spot

It's easy to manage tens or even hundreds of screens in AeriCast. Your admin team can deploy different apps/layouts, and manage different screens based on the desired security model all in one place.

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