How classroom wireless mirroring innovates the teaching and learning

Empower the interactions and creativity in the classroom. Learn how modern wireless mirroring solution can revolutionize your classrooms.
Gustavo Salazar
3 mins

Technology has become central to day-to-day processes both inside and outside of the classroom, as it is used for modern methods and styles of education. Nowadays, teachers are faced with the challenge of facilitating collaboration amongst students, and one potential solution that satisfies the need for collaboration while simplifying complex technology is wireless screen sharing or wireless screen mirroring, which facilitates students' participation in lessons and discussions. 

Wireless mirroring solutions, like AeriCast, allow anyone throughout the classroom to securely present from any device to any screen. This technology improves teamwork and saves time between presenters. AeriCast even supports multiple presenters and presenting to multiple screens simultaneously, making collaboration feel like a breeze. 

Many teachers are using wireless mirroring to play videos or display images to support longer attention spans, which motivates students to focus and learn and increases active learning and participation. Wireless mirroring is also used in the classroom for team presentations, as students can present together, as even those who are hybrid or remote learning have a chance to play an active role in their team’s collaborative effort. This technology is also perfect for sharing student work for feedback as it allows teachers and students to collaborate on an activity, which builds trust, and fosters mutual learning. 

These are the benefits of using a modern wireless screen mirroring solution: 

  • Wireless mirroring increases engagement and confidence: When teachers provide opportunities for students to participate in lessons, they’ll feel stronger about their skills and since screen mirroring software can enable them to share what’s on their devices, they are more likely to stay focused and engaged with the class.  Thanks to this technology students can become more accustomed to sharing and providing feedback, which can increase their confidence and abilities. 
  • Wireless mirroring helps with teacher mobility while saving time: Today teachers are much more mobile in the classroom, preferring to be untethered and free to roam about with a tablet in hand and a main presentation at the front. This is optimal for observing student work, gauging understanding, and providing individual student help. No teacher wants to spend their class time fiddling with cords instead of actually teaching, so when classrooms are equipped with wireless mirroring solutions, the teacher, or any student they call on, can share seamlessly and wirelessly their device on the screen while moving around the room freely.  “Following the teacher” also keeps students focused throughout the lesson. 
  • Turning classroom screens into a more effective communication channel: some wireless mirroring solutions, like AeriCast, also provide the digital signage features to turn the screens into announcement boards. School district admins can remotely manage the signage content, such as school announcements, weather forecast, sport teams and events’ highlights, on every screen from AeriCast’s cloud management platform to communicate with the students, staff, and teachers in a more engaging and effective way while the screens are not being used for presentation.
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Technology can enable teachers to continue their work and ensure that students receive quality instruction. AeriCast is a solution for wireless mirroring and digital signage that makes it possible to empower teachers and inspire students by unifying screens and giving every student the opportunity to share and collaborate in class.

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